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Carrera First Nintendo Mario Kart™(20063028)

Carrera First Nintendo Mario Kart™(20063028)
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Carrera First Nintendo Mario Kart™(20063028)
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"Cool Nintendo licensed slot car with Super Mario ™ and Luigi Carrera FIRST Flip elements for extra fun 2.9 meters From 3 years oldFrom video game to children's room, are you ready? Who doesn't like to remember the wild duels at Mario Kart ™? Even today's generation of small racing fans should not be denied this fun. Far away from consoles and the like, Mario and Luigi are now chasing the Carrera FIRST Nintendo Mario Kart ™.The starting signal for a brisk race has been given! ~ Tab In their super cool vehicles, Super Mario ™ and Luigi whiz across the 2.9 meter long racetrack and try to present their best performance. Use the ergonomic hand controls to accelerate the heroes with their 1:50 scale cars through the narrow pass and the flip elements. But watch out! If you arrive at the bottleneck with your opponent at the same time, a collision is inevitable. Admittedly, that's actually a funny thing, don't you think? This set is equipped with the Nintendo® license, so the packaging design, the slot cars and the decorative elements of the racetrack were completely designed in the Nintendo Mario Kart ™ look. You need four Type C batteries as an energy source for this cool racetrack. Batteries are not included in the set. "

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