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Carrera DIG 132 Porsche 911 RSR (20030890)

Carrera DIG 132 Porsche 911 RSR (20030890)
Παράδοση 4-10 ημέρες
Carrera DIG 132 Porsche 911 RSR (20030890)
  • Stock: Παράδοση 4-10 ημέρες
  • Κωδ. Προϊόντος: 20030890
Unadulterated GT action! Every inch of the coachwork of the new 911 RSR was tailored to the requirements of long distance GT driving. Nevertheless, the iconic shape of the 911 has clearly been retained. 510 hp pack enough power to strike fear into any racetrack rival. Over time, the black, white and red paintjob - known internally as 'the tip of the spear' - has earned cult status. The Porsche 911 RSR is equipped with front lights and rear/brake lights, and is a faithfully reproduced copy of the original. This racing car can be individually coded and is digitally controlled. There's never been a more authentic feel to motor racing at home.

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