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Carrera GO PLUS Pit Stop (20066007)

Carrera GO PLUS Pit Stop (20066007)
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Carrera GO PLUS Pit Stop (20066007)
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  • Κωδ. Προϊόντος: 20066007

When two Formula 1 world champions line up in the new Carrera GO!!! Plus 'Pit Stop' set, top class race action is guaranteed. The 6.8-metre/22.31 ft. Carrera racetrack has several surprises for Lewis Hamilton and Sebastian Vettel, including a breathtaking loop, high-speed straights and challenging fly-overs that beg drivers to turbo boost on the controls. The German Sebastian Vettel in his Ferrari SF16-H has a nose cone much different to the previous model. Lewis Hamilton's Mercedes F1 W07 Hybrid has already won him a world championship. In addition, there's the pit-stop game, posing the challenges of tyre-changes, engine servicing and refuelling, and also the free app that uses the GO!!! Plus link-up track section to provide entertaining games to test the skills of even Carrera's youngest drivers.

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