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Carrera First Disney Pixar Cars (20063022)

Carrera First Disney Pixar Cars (20063022)
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Carrera First Disney Pixar Cars (20063022)
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  • Κωδ. Προϊόντος: 20063022

"Racetrack for children with heroes of the animated film Cars 3

Carrera FIRST

Theme-specific decorative elements for the racetrack

2.4 meters

From 3 years old

When cars become stars ...

The daredevil cars from Disney * Pixar fascinated many kids. Their exciting races and adventures caused a sensation in the film world. In the computer animation film Cars 3, the main character Lightning McQueen has to prevail against a new generation of racing cars and meets the newcomer Jackson Storm. The matter between the two in the film is tricky - now it's your turn and design the race according to your ideas.

Get ready for a fast-paced ride with the heroes from Disney * Pixar Cars

The race between Lightning McQueen and Jackson Storm is now also in your child's room and thanks to the original Disney license, the slot cars also look like the movie cars. The two vehicles are in a close head-to-head race and are roaring along the track at a decent pace. Who is ahead of you? Does the popular red racer win or does the slightly arrogant but talented newcomer have the edge? The child-friendly route is 2.4 meters long and equipped with great decorative elements. The cool design is a real eye catcher and also increases the fun factor. The 1:50 scale vehicles are controlled by the ergonomic hand controls, which are perfectly designed for children's hands. Four Type C batteries are required. Batteries are not included in this set. "

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