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Carrera DIG 124 BMW M1 Procar "No.5" (20023902)

Carrera DIG 124 BMW M1 Procar "No.5"  (20023902)
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Carrera DIG 124 BMW M1 Procar "No.5" (20023902)
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BMW M1 Procar "No.5", Hockenheim 1979 A German racing legend DIGITAL 124 Front and rear lights and brake lights, original BMW license 1:24 scale From 10 years onThe legend returns! The BMW M1 Procar is a central component in the history of BMW M to this day. Designed as a racing car with road approval, the vehicle found its way into private hands not only as a super sports car. With a racing series created especially for the model, BMW M consolidated its legendary status. One thing is certain: even 40 years after the debut of the first race, the BMW M1 Procar continues to impress with its highly developed technology, unique design and exceptional performance. In 1979 and 1980, the BMW Procar series was one of the most spectacular racing series in the motorsport world. As part of most of the European Formula 1 races, the five fastest F1 drivers from the training runs of the respective Grand Prix took part in identical BMW M1s and competed against private drivers, well-known sports car professionals and young talents - hardly imaginable in this way today , the series offered a spectacular showdown that was a great success with the public. Overall winner of the first Procar season was Niki Lauda. In the following year Nelson Piquet secured first place in the overall standings with three wins in a row. On the Carrera piste you can follow in the footsteps of the racing legend and really accelerate with the white and red car. In the first year of the Procar series in 1979, the likeable Austrian was able to secure overall victory. Can you also set a new best lap time on your Carrera race track? The true-to-the-original model is available in the Carrera fleet!A racing legend in a red and white dress After the end of the BMW Procar series in the autumn of 1980, various BMW M1 racing versions also competed successfully in Le Mans and various national championships (including the German Automobile Racing Championship and the American IMSA GTO Championship). The Carrera car corresponds to the original with which the famous racing driver Hans-Joachim Struck once did his laps. But not only the extraordinary design, but also the functioning lights for the front and rear as well as the brakes and the individual adjustability of the vehicle by means of coding bring this slot car far ahead.

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