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Carrera RC 2,4GHz Jeep® Trailcat -PX- (370183019)

Carrera RC 2,4GHz Jeep® Trailcat -PX- (370183019)
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Carrera RC 2,4GHz Jeep® Trailcat -PX- (370183019)
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"High-tech battery in the remote-controlled Jeep® Wrangler Trailcat Carrera Profi RC Up to 50 km / h Scale: 1:18 14 years and olderA real monster on the street With the Jeep® Wrangler Trailcat you sit behind the wheel of a poison green monster. With cubic capacity and plenty of horsepower under the hood, the off-road vehicle teaches fear to all other road users. The monstrous sound is almost irrelevant - but only almost.Through top terrain at top speed With the remote-controlled Jeep® Wrangler Trailcat you can really have fun. The poison green off-road vehicle runs at top speeds of up to 50 km / h, is splash-proof and equipped with all-wheel drive and oil pressure shock absorbers. Front and brake lights equip the remote-controlled car as well as two metal gears and pneumatic tires. The vehicle is controlled with a 2.4 GHz digital proportional function, which gives you a great driving experience. With a charging time of 80 minutes you can have up to 15 minutes of fun with your vehicle. The 30 cm long car in 1:18 scale is "Ready to Run" "and therefore immediately ready for use. In addition to a particularly safe and long-lasting LiFePo4 battery, the scope of delivery also includes the controller, a 1A USB charging cable and two 1.5 V Mignon AA batteries. "

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